Retirement Planning Workshop

Workers at all stages of employment will ask themselves the common question: “Will I have enough financially for retirement?” While retirement should be something to look forward to, financial uncertainty can make the transition to this stage of life a source of anxiety. Our retirement workshops are customizable and able to deliver information that will help your employees smoothly transition financially as well as emotionally to retirement.

Key Workshop Information:

  • Central focus is on supporting participants in preparing for retirement.
  • Workshops are highly interactive and participative, involving both group and individual exercises for participants. Facilitators make sure workshops motivate participants, encourage participation, and keep energy high.
  • Workshops typically range from 8 to 50 individuals (more or less can be arranged) and are customizable based on client needs, usually ranging from 1 to 3 days in length.
  • All topics are geared specifically towards the client’s needs and can include:
    • Lifestyle planning
    • Wellness planning
    • Expense planning for retirement and savings strategies
    • Education on defined benefit pension plans and defined contribution pension plans
    • Government sources of income (ie. Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security)
    • Income from savings (RRSPs, LIRAs, RRIFs, annuities, and TFSAs)
    • Analysis of the retirement financial picture
    • Debt management
    • Investment planning
    • Tax planning
    • Insurance planning
    • Estate planning
    • Answering the question: “Will I have enough?”
  • Workshops provide real benefits to employees, helping them reduce finance-related stress that contributes to health problems, reduced productivity, and absenteeism. Not only will you have a better performing and more loyal workforce, but you could potentially gain distinctions for “Top Employer” awards, which can help recruitment and retention strategies.

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