From Clients (Employers):

“Mike has a rock solid understanding of pension plans, retirement planning issues, taxation, investment strategies and general financial planning. He constantly educates himself about changes in legislation and evolving investment tools and strategies.

Mike is a dynamic instructor, approachable and fluent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic; he uses good concrete examples and answers questions very well. He empowers participants to approach their retirement planning with wisdom and confidence, and most people leave his course feeling excited and motivated.

He is quite likely the best retirement planning instructor in the country.”

Staff Development, Yukon Government

“Our participants have consistently provided positive reviews of the retirement workshops delivered by MC Planning.”

Canada School of Public Service, Federal Government of Canada

From Workshop Participants:

“Mike was very animated when presenting which made it exciting and showed his passion for the topic and care for his students. Everyone was thoroughly engaged and had plenty of time to ask questions, which he was very pleased to answer. Everyone engaged in discussions as a result of his passion for the topic and again, his animated method of presenting, and always standing in the middle of the group –none of this lazy sitting down stuff. He was amazing.”

Government of Canada

“Mike is amazing as an instructor, approachable and fluent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, uses good concrete examples and answers questions very well.”

Yukon Government

“Mike Carter was a fantastic trainer.  He had a great sense of humour which kept even the driest of information interesting.  He kept control of all the learners and did not let anyone run away with the session.  I believe he was one of the best instructors I have ever had the pleasure to learn from.”

Government of Canada

“All the info provided in the course has opened my eyes to retirement planning and how to do it wisely.  The course exceeded my expectations.”

Yukon Government

This is the first time I can honestly state that the course was made better as a result of the instructor – Mike Carter was an EXCELLENT facilitator.  What could have otherwise been an overwhelming course (due to the nature and breadth of content) was made so much easier to follow and understand due to Mike’s excellent communication skills, knowledge of the subject matter, and delivery of the material (flowed nicely).  Kudos to Mike and thank you!

Government of Canada